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Due Date for E-Filing IRS Form 2290

Based on your heavy vehicle’s first month of use, the deadline to file Form 2290 varies. Below are the deadlines.

If you’ve used your heavy vehicle from the beginning of July 1, the deadline to file IRS Form 2290 is August 31

If you’ve bought a new vehicle and put on the road after July, Form 2290 must be filed with the IRS by the last day of the month following the month of its first use.

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Penalties for Not Filing Form 2290

You’ll be liable for penalties for the late filing of Form 2290 and the late payment of HVUT.

If you did not file your IRS Form 2290 before the deadline, the IRS would impose a penalty equal to 4.5% of the total tax amount due. Also, the penalty will increase every month for up to five months.

If you miss making the HVUT payment, you’ll be charged with a penalty of 0.5% of the total tax amount due as a penalty, and there will be an additional interest of 0.54% each month.

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